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Safety Driving Tips

•Always fasten your seatbelt. This can minimise injury, or even save your life in the event of an accident. Ensure any passengers in your vehicle buckle up whenever you are on the road.

• Avoid at all costs using a cell phones whilst driving, as this can be dangerous to other drivers and the general public. It is a punishable offence to use cell phones whilst driving in Kenya.

• Never place the shoulder belt under your arm. Broken ribs can cause serious internal injuries in the event of an accident.

• The back seat is the safest place for children to ride in. Child passenger safety seats should be properly installed in the middle of the seat.

• Secure loose articles throughout the car. Flying objects during a collision can cause injuries.

• Be sure the car is in good mechanical condition. Check tyres, hoses, fluid levels and batteries.

• Keep a first aid kit, a blanket and some food and water stored in your trunk in case of an emergency during a long road trip,

• Allow plenty of time for the trip. Be prepared to stop frequently for rest, food, exercise and restroom visits if you are travelling with children.

• Provide children with an activity (colouring book, crossword puzzle book etc.) to keep them occupied.

• Always STOP to rest if you feel tired. Don't wait for your chin to hit your chest. Also, stop if you feel agitated or are near an aggressive driver, to give you time to calm down.

• Consider refuelling when you are down to 1/4 tank of petrol in case the next petrol pump is miles away.

• If driving, sit at least 12 inches from the steering wheel to give the air bag room to inflate in the event of a collision.

• Obey the speed limits. Speeding tickets are expensive. Speeding can also cost lives.

• Avoid becoming distracted while driving. Common distractions include talking on a cell phone, eating and applying make-up.

• Do not drive under the influence of certain medications (read the warning label or ask your doctor). NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• If you have vehicle trouble, pull onto the shoulder of the road away from traffic. And, altogether avoid giving rides to strangers.

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