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Dining Out
All over Kenya, the climate is ideal for alfresco dining. In many camps, lodges and restaurants, meals are served outside, letting you enjoy a feast with a view. You can start the day with a bush breakfast after an early morning game drive, and finish it with sundowners and snacks whilst taking in the view of one of Kenya's spectacular sunsets.

There is an incredible range of restaurants in Nairobi covering a world of cuisines. From Korean BBQ to French nouvelle cuisine, Ethiopian Injera to a traditional roast Sunday lunch, hamburgers to tandoori specialities, you'll find exactly what you're looking for, or a new and unexpected treat.

Kenyan products are as diverse and unique as the country itself. There are traditional artefacts, fantastic jewellery, beautiful carvings, the world's best coffee, precious stones, furniture, beautiful cloth and textiles, excellent local music, wonderful modern art and so much more to be found.

Excellent, well-stocked gift shops can be found in many hotels, lodges and camps throughout the country. But often, real finds can be found a little further off the beaten track.

For the dedicated bargain hunter, Kenya's markets are the place to be. Markets selling all kinds of local arts and crafts can be found all over the country. In Nairobi, there are large open-air markets held each week.

Some of the most popular items for the avid shopper include basketwork, carvings (the most popular item with visitors to Kenya), ethnic artefacts, clothing and textiles, beaded jewellery, decorative items, and traditional musical instruments.

Getting Around
Visitors to Kenya can drive using an international drivers license. Driving is on the left hand side and drivers should give way to traffic on their right. Distances are measured and signposted in kilometres and petrol / diesel sold by the litre. Road conditions are variable and can be very poor in remote areas.
For more information kindly check;
Kenya Wildlife Service - www.kws.org
Magical Kenya - www.magicalkenya.com
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