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About The Program
At Rent A Fine Car, going the extra mile is part of our regular route. Focusing on developing stronger relationships with our business partners, we have introduced the “Points for Miles”, a loyalty program designed to give our customers even more travel miles.

How it works

The “Points for Miles” is a program of accumulating travel points and redeeming them for usage of the rented vehicle. For each day of vehicle rental, the hirer earns 1 travel point. Once the travel points accumulate to 30, the hirer can redeem the points for 1 extra day of free use of the rented vehicle. Alternatively, the hirer may decide to keep accumulating the travel points to the next level, 60 travel points, which will entitle him/her to two days of free use of the rented vehicle. Ninety travel points will earn the hirer three extra days of free usage, and so on.

This simply means that the more a customer uses our vehicles, the more the travel points they accumulate, and the more days of free usage they get. The travel points can be redeemed at any stage during the rental, or at a future date but within a period of one year. We are happy to provide you with more information on our “Points for Miles” program upon request. We will be introducing more benefits as our “Points for Miles” program evolves, so look out for more service and more travel opportunities with our ever-improving list.

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